Every once in a while you come across an organization, video, story, or vision that takes your breath away. This is one of those times. THON is the largest student-run philanthropic organization in the world; yes the world. I am honored to say I attended the school where it all started: Pennsylvania State University.

 Now I know you’ve heard of Penn State for reasons we don’t need to discuss, but what you probably don’t know is how THON is an annual, 46 hour long Panhellenic Dance Marathon that raises money to help cure, prevent, and assist families coping with pediatric cancer. Since its first debut in 1977, THON has raised over $101 million FTK, or “for the kids”, which has become known as THON’s slogan.

 All of the money goes directly to the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. THON is becoming such a phenomenon, it is being recognized by celebrities and brands such as Khloe Kardashian and Kate Spade.  In fact, on Sunday January 2nd , Kate Spade of King of Prussia donated a portion of every sale to the cause. Make this Sunday the day you donate. I really don’t endorse things I don’t fully support and believe in, trust me when I say THON is incredible. If you don’t believe check out the video below…



By: Brittany Johnston: School teacher by day Blogger by night.

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