The Giving Keys

I first heard about The Giving Keys about two years ago. I am so excited about how their mission of love has grown. Founder, Caitlin Crosby, started her journey by slipping her key to a New York motel room around her neck. She eventually got the word, LOVE, engraved on the key. After a rush of compliments, she knew she had created something special. The Giving Keys started to truly embody their name when they began employing their first workers who happened to be homeless at the time. They now partner with the United Way and PATH to employ people who are transitioning out of being homeless. They have expanded to about 10 employees that are trying to transition out of homelessness. This company goes far beyond just the job; they help their employees open bank accounts and provided them with financial planning support. They also encourage anyone who purchases a key to pay it forward; when you see someone in need of inspiration, you should pass your key of love on.

The Giving KeysThe Giving Keys