Happy New Year Fashionfighters! Time to put away our holiday decor and embrace the new year. Of course, I have a lengthy list of resolutions from being healthier, traveling more often, to saving more. However, it is not surprising the top resolution for people every year is to lose weight. It never hurts to be a lil' healthier. Many of us have the benefit in joining our local gym, eating cleaner, and controlling our portions. Yet, there is a large fraction of the US population which struggle with transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. The organization STOKED, helps with this transition by providing inner-city kids of NYC and LA with a healthier lifestyle through sports and culture. STOKED, the abbreviation for success, teamwork, openness, kudos, energy and determination, stay true to their mission for these kids. Their mission is to promote personal development, academic achievement, and healthy living to under-served youth through action sports culture. They do this through their Stoked from Success program. "Stoked for Success  is our core program that combines after school enrichment with weekend action sports mentoring to cultivate college and career readiness among high school youth. We work with students in high school using project-based learning and professional exposure as well as mentoring, community service, and career exploration." ( With over 3500 students impacted since 2005, STOKED helps give kids a better lifestyle through awareness.  They've collaborated with brands such as Mountain Dew, Nike, Vans, the W Hotel, and many more. Through these collabs, events and fundraisers, they raise funds which entirely support their innovative youth development programs. So this new year, stay fit by joining the stoked team at their athletic events, listing a high school to participate with the program, or donating online. They are one of our top fashionfighter organizations for the new year!

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 By Melanie Tirado: She is amazing at accents and will give you the occasional salsa lesson.

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