Roma Boots



 It has been particular rainy these past couple weeks in NYC. I have found myself reaching for my  Roma rain boots more than usual. These wellies are a little more special than your average rain boots. Roma Boots follows the one for one model with every pair sold a brand new pair is given to a child in need along with educational supplies. They go beyond providing supplies for these kids to succeeded but also donate 10% of all sales Roma For All Foundation.

As if that was not enough these boots are actually really comfortable. They don't squeeze your foot like many other brands and are easy to take off. No more waiting for someone to get home to help you pull your rain boots off (PRAISE!) The height of these rain boots makes them the ultimate rainy day side kick. I have stumbled into many deep puddles with these boots and I came out completely dry every time. The design of Roma's boots is so simple whether you walk around in a tulle dress (which I highly doubt you do and if you do bless you) or just want to tuck your jeans into them Roma Boots is making it so easy for you to support kids in need while staying true to your own style.