Parker Smith

After trying on my first pair of Parker Smith jeans, I am never going back. I have never felt so confident in a pair of jeans as I do in theirs, which was exactly what the founder,Mary Ellen Moschetti, aimed for when creating these jeans.

Her jeans fill the what was lacking in the industry: a jean that is a little higher in the front and the back with a contoured waistband but still leaves you with an elegant lean shape. Not to mention the collection is manufactured in the USA, supporting American sewers, production, dye houses and manufacturers.

Parker Smith is more than just another label. Moschetti truly believes in empowering women whether it be through a pair of perfectly fitting jeans or giving them an opportunity to thrive in an ever-growing empire. “I love giving a young woman a break that no one else has before.”

Committed to having every women have the Parker Smith experience, Parker Smith most recently launched their Perfectly Sexy line for plus size women. This line is inspired by the women in her life who struggled to find great quality clothes that made them feel sexy at a bigger size---something that was just non-exsistent. Moschetti says, "These women are smart, beautiful and talented; they just happen to wear a bigger size.” I couldn’t agree more. If you have never tried on a pair of Parker Smith jeans, I highly recommend it. As Mary Ellen Moschetti says, "Nothing changes your life like a great fitting pair of jeans!”