Mary Alice Stephenson

Mary Alice Stephenson put the love back into fashion. Stephenson was a wardrobe stylist for many years, styling for Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Esquire and Allure and then went on to become the fashion director of Harpers Bazaar. But much like myself, she knew she was meant to do more. For me, my journey began on the last night of my first time at fashion week. I remember sitting on the steps of Lincoln Center, reflecting on the week, but I still felt like something was missing, like I had to do something more. For Stephenson, it happened to her in the Albuquerque airport. She found herself watching the place fill with cheerleaders---Make-A-Wish was granting a 6 year-old girl with cancer the wish of going to cheer camp. This itch can happen anywhere. For me, it was on the steps of Lincoln Center; for Stephenson, it was in an airport. Once it starts, you just won't let anything hold you back!

After she witnessed that powerful event, she came home and ended up watching one of my favorites: Oprah. Oprah was on her show, doing as Oprah does, and asking her audience this: "How are you going to use your life to make a difference in this world?" Stephenson, now, was definitely hooked, and resigned from Harper's Bazaar the very next day.

She began to merge her budding career in fashion with philanthropy and founded the non-profit foundation, Glam4Good, which gives life-changing makeovers, dramatic giveaways and transformative fashion adventures to everyday heroes. Stephenson has now become a Make-A-Wish ambassador and is a true “FashionFighter.” Stephenson has accomplished everything that I hope to someday on my own. She has shown me that can you truly can combine your two loves, fashion and philanthropy, to create one strong force.

Mary Alice Stephenson


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