Make Love, Not War

Based out of the UK, Love Bullets aims to “transform traditional symbols of destruction into works of art, jewelry, and fashion accessories, expressing an ideology of positive love overriding negative thought”. They incorporate recycled weaponry into functional and fashionable accessories. While some of their embellishments are more obvious, like the bullet-studded fanny pack, others are more subtle, as seen in the ring and necklace below.

Love Bullets began at a music festival when an old army tank was transformed into a working DJ booth. The conversion of something violent to something positive and beautiful sparked the expansion of the line. To further promote their mission of “destruction becoming construction”, a portion of the proceeds of every piece sold is donated to War Child, a charity which “raise(s) funds and awareness for children in war torn areas”. US coveters can head over to ASOS now to stock up on these bullet-infused beauts.

By Ayla Erdos-Steinberg: Owns more beanies than pairs of pants. Amateur Human, Professional Mermaid.

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