Jacquelyn Jablonski is raising awareness for Autism Speaks.

Super model, Jacquelyn Jablonski, is using her voice for Autism Speaks. Autism is a special cause for Jablonski; her younger brother Tommy was diagnosed with Autism at age 2.  The diagnosis frightened Jablonski’s.  Like most people, who do not have a relative with Autism, Jablonski was surprised by how many children are afflicted with the disorder.  About 1 in 68 children have Autism.

There is no cure for Autism.  A child with autism typically has trouble with social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and is afflicted with repetitive behaviors.

Now that Jablonski’s brother is 18, she worries about what is next?  Jablonski is raising money for research but also would like to see the development of a jobs program for those with Autism.  She would like to her brother and others to be continue to be active and thrive through adulthood.

            This Thursday Jablonski is partnering with Milk Gallery to raise money for the organization Autism Speaks.  All proceeds made from Artwork sold at the gallery will go to the organization Autism Speaks. Jablonksi wants to raise awareness and help a cause near and dear to her heart and ours.

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