Happy First Birthday Modavanti!

Happy First Birthday Modavanti! It has been only one year since David Dietz created the eco-friendly, energy efficient, and organic business. After returning from the Middle East in 2011, Dietz realized he needed to join yet another movement: the sustainable fashion revolution. This soon led to a new creation: Modavanti. Modavanti follows a strict framework for sustainability including environmentally friendly, ethical sourcing, and social good. They firmly believe that everything is about “finding your style” and not having to worry about “being environmentally friendly” while also “looking good” and being “socially aware.” The designers do their research to make sure that there is something for everyone, giving them the chance to be environmentally friendly. Anyone, with any type of style, can be sure to find something they will love and cherish on Modavanti.com.Not only is this the ideal place to shop because you will feel awesome wearing sustainable clothing, but you will also feel good knowing Modavanti gives back! Modavanti gives 2% of every sale to one of three impact partners. They donate that 2% to empowering artisans in developing countries, to help provide clean water to impoverished villages, and to bring fashion manufacturing back to the United States. Another awesome fact about Modavanti is that many items are hand made in the US! You can bet your bottom dollar that shopping Modavanti will be part of the next online purchase I make. What could be better than looking good, while feeling good about it, and knowing that you’re also helping other people?


1. Tulle Mini Skirt - Olive ($325)

2. Claw And Rock Crystal Necklace ($100)

3. Futurism Sunset - Tortoise Frame ($180)

4. Media Bracelet ($100)

5. Melia Lia Box Bag ($360.00)

6. Alena Loafer - Maroon ($70.00)



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