Cooper & Ella

My latest conscious clothing obsession is this adorable dress by Cooper & Ella. Cooper & Ella’s mission is far greater than creating wonderful women’s clothing. They are feeding children in need. Cooper & Ella is named after the founder’s Kara Mendelsohn two children. 

Kara believes that everyone has the power to make a difference. After connecting with the HOPE Foundation, Kara knew she wanted to do something to help.  She asked the HOPE foundation School how she could support these children. Their response was “consistent food”

To help the HOPE Foundation achieve their goal of providing consistent meals for children, for every purchase made at Cooper and Ella a hot meal is provided to a child in need. Cooper & Ella is well on their way to their goal of 2015 of 100,000 hot meals to the more than 400 children at the HOPE foundation School in Bangalore, India. The food not only provides nutrition but also increase a child’s likelihood to stay in school as this may be the only meal a child will get all day. Cooper & Ella specifically connected with the Hope Foundation because it is committed to these children from cradles to careers and to eradicate poverty in these children’s’ lives. Cooper & Ella plans to expand charitable work in the future to help even more deserving children.