Angela and Jim O’Brien founded their company of producing handbags accessories and apparel known as Cleobella, in Bali. Bali is where they felt the most inspired. They felt changed forever by this side of the earth. They found it to be full of “love, tradition, and simplicity.” Feeling as if they should give back to Bali, they began to embrace that lifestyle. In the heart of Cleobella, one will find Bali –Bali’s heritage, patterns, and the people.

            Angela O’Brien designed her first handbag piece while in Bali. It came out to be the Mexicana clutch, a large wallet with pockets and zippers. This was the perfect clutch to fill a personal need and hold personal items. Several years later, the Mexicana clutch has become Cleobella’s signature piece.

            “Cleobella is a free-spirited Bohemian Goddess. Her style and sensibility is effortless. She is a lover of life, nature, people, and adventure. Cleobella is confident, beautiful, and inspiring.”

            In the creation of Cleobella, Jim and Angela wanted people to feel inspired to wander, to live and love in style. Every Cleobella product is handmade with local leathers, hand tooling, and recycled metals. Each fabric that O’Brien chooses for her collection is sourced locally in Bali, Indonesia. No one fabric that O’Brien chooses will be the same from season to season.

The people of Bali come together and use their time helping O’Brien with the creation of the handbags. This has also helped Bali by creating jobs and sustainable incomes. The O’Brien family goes to Bali several months out of the year for them to meet up with the manufacturers of Cleobella handbags, as well as to feel inspiration. It is a place they have created their business, almost like a second home, and they will continue to give back to the country.

            In addition Cleobella also gives back, by giving a percentage of all sales to help empower women in South East Asia through “CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.” Women being at the heart of the CARE community-based efforts.

            Cleobella is a wonderful brand in the United States that helps support women all over the world, as well as the country of Bali. If you are interested in shopping Cleobella, you can check out their website, or their US store located in Sunset Beach California.

            Even if you are not interested in shopping, it would be a worth it to check out some of the Cleobella creations; simply beautiful, intricate, full of love. 


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