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Winter: my perfect example of a love-hate relationship. While our love for winter fashion and the holiday season runs deep, we absolutely hate cold weather.  Along with frigid temperatures come “the winter blues”.  The winter blues, not only transition Friday nights from event hoppin to Netflix hoppin, but attracts side effects like fatigue, lack of shaving (better known as hibernating to all my ladies), and more well-known: dry skin. Many of us deal with dry skin in the winter and fortunately there are simple solutions.  Burt’s Bees, an all-natural skin care company founded in 1984, helps us get through the winter by winning the battle against dry skin; making them one of our favorite fightback accessories! While not an “accessory”, Lindsey and I never find ourselves without it. Their mission, “To make people’s lives better every day- naturally”, is what we love.  Their products are all natural from inside out, starting from what they use to make their products to how they package and ship them. Their products infuse yummy flavors such as peppermint, aloe, honey, and many more into items like lip care, eye care, to even candles. Besides their soothing yummy all natural products giving us dry skin remedies, they give back to the community through their Greater Good Foundation. With their goal to change the world, The Greater Good Foundation has issued over 1.2 million in grants, won several awards and donated to 23 nonprofit organizations in 2012 alone. Not only Burt’s Bees has the perfect products to get us through winter, but they give back to the community through the promotion of environmental awareness. So this year let’s love the world a little more one chap stick at a time! Stop at your local drug store to find out more about their amazing skin remedies, or shop online to see why this is one of our fav fight back accessories for 2014!

Burts Bees


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