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Happy spring fashion fighters! We're beyond stoked to put our thick sweaters away and bring out our bright pastels and favorite spring clothes. Let's face it; in my 20 years of living in New York City, I have never faced a winter so brutal. So after basically living in the North Pole for a few months, I am incredibly excited to embrace spring. I am even more excited to take out my spring clothes. In revamping my spring wardrobe, I try to keep to with the new fashion trends of 2014. One trend, statement jewelry, is one I've fallen in love with and I've fallen even more in love with jewelry pieces by 31 Bits. Adding a pop of color to your wardrobe with accessories is the easiest way to pull together an outfit. Especially if you're like me and unconsciously finds yourself wearing dark colors. 31 bits makes stunning jewelry varying from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and oh so much more.  If you're already in love with their pieces, you're going to absolutely adore the story and message behind the company. Like myself, the 31 bits girls were in college when they were trying to figure out their future. After a trip to Uganda, they discovered their passion to help the young women their age. They fell in love with their jewelry and most importantly with the women who made them.

Their lives went from being uncertain of the future, to making it their mission to sell their handcrafted bracelets. After selling bracelets anywhere they could, they realized two things: "Firstly, we didn’t want to be just another charity selling key chains and t-shirts. We were determined to create a fashionable product that women would buy because they actually liked it. Secondly, these women needed a lot more then a paycheck. They needed education, health care, and counseling. They needed to be cared for physically, mentally, and emotionally. They needed a way to be whole again." then 31 bits was born. Taken from their website, their model is "to empower people through the fashion industry. We work with our beneficiaries in Uganda to create fashionable, quality products. They earn an income enabling them to provide for their families. We care for them holistically through counseling, health education, finance training, and business mentorships".  31 Bits not only creates beautiful pieces, but beautiful futures for these young women. So if you're a jewelry fanatic like myself or just want a subtle statement piece added to your wardrobe, 31 Bits is your next purchase. They're not only an amazing company with a great message, but they can help anyone change someone's future for the better. Spread the love and the empowerment, one piece at a time.

By Melanie Tirado: She is amazing at accents and will give you the occasional salsa lesson.

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